Don Pedro rainbows 4-23-2017

Returning client Butch wanted to take his granddaughter fishing on Sunday the 23rd of April. We arrived at the lake early only to be greeted with dark cloudy skies and a very cool breezy morning. We headed out to the same spot as the previous day and I set out four rods at various depths and after a few passes we had our first strike, however that’s all it was. It was really cold and the breezy conditions made it tough, the sun was trying to come out, however it was struggling to do so and finally one of the back rods got hit and soon we had our first fish of the day in the boat and almost instantly after setting the one rod back the other back rod was peeling off-line and we now have two in the cooler. While continuing on in search of more fish, the sun finally came out and the wind gone we boated three more fish and Butch and his Elsie decided that was good enough for the day, so we headed back to the dock at noon. A great morning on the waters of Don Pedro with two great people. Thanks again!!!


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