Hogan stripers 5-10-2017

I had returning client Pete Gates and he belongs to a group called SIRS, short for sons in retirement, they have fished with me for the past five years. There was to be 8 guys so I called a friend of mine to help me out, each guy taking four guys per boat, There was one person that cancelled at the last-minute due to a health problem. We met at the lake at 6:30 and we soon loaded everyone on to the boats and headed out. My group as we set out, I had rods in the water as soon as I could get them fishing and it wasn’t long before we had our first fish in the box and we had a great bite going for us, despite the full moon, the good bite lasted for several hours for us and by 10:15 I believe we had 10 stripers in the cooler and at this point we had only lost maybe one or two fish along with a few missed opportunities. About 11:00 the bite died way down, but we continued on with a fish here and there, we fished until 2:30 and we all headed for the dock, my group ended up with 14 stripers and the other group ended their day with 11 stripers. We headed for the fish cleaning station to take pictures and clean many stripers for all to take home. A great day was had by everyone and Dan Bacher from the fish sniffer showed up to take photos and their will be a story soon in the sniffer magazine. Thanks again everyone !!!



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