July 3rd 2017 Rainbows on a good bite

New Client Kris Kopy and his son Ryan were onboard with me on Monday July 3rd at Don Pedro. We met at the lake early just as it was breaking daylight. The parking lot was nearly full, so I looked for a place to park before launching the boat. We headed out and began fishing it wasn’t long and we were into our first fish of the day. I was skeptical as the previous night the lake had a firework show, however the fish wanted to bite, it wasn’t a fast bite but they were biting, after landing four quality fish they wanted to catch and release since they were camping. We continued our day and after keeping two more nice fish, we called it a day at 1:00 o’clock. I was hoping there wouldn’t be a long line at the boat ramp to try to get the boat back on the trailer, as we pulled up I couldn’t believe it one boat waiting, we pulled up to the dock and went and cleaned fish. They landed 14 fish, keeping just six for dinner. A great day on the waters of Don Pedro with a father and son. Thanks again



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