Don Pedro rainbow trout 7-20-2017

New Client Doug and his son Lucas were onboard with me on July 20th to hopefully catch some rainbow trout while camping at the lake for a couple of days.  The morning had a fairly thick smoke lingering over the lake from the big fire going on nearby. With four rods fishing it took maybe 30 minutes to get our first strike of the day that produced a very nice rainbow for Lucas. The bite was defiantly slower than the previous day with a fish here and there being landed. We still were doing pretty good with six fish in the boat by 9:00 o’clock then again the bite really fell off and I ventured into some different water looking for fish and we found some, however some were lost in the process and by noon we had 8 rainbows in the cooler, with fish number nine close to the net and almost touching it, it got off, we ventured on and at 12:45 we decided to call it a day when one of the back rods was hit and we had number nine in the cooler and we called it a day. A great day with two great people, and thanks for choosing Gold Country Sportfishing.



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