Big Rainbows caught at Don Pedro 8-3-2017

New clients Matt Ames and his buddies Hank and Richard were onboard on August the 3rd at Don Pedro.They origianly wanted to catch kokanee, however i told them that this year was bust on the kokanee, but the rainbows were of great size so they decided that they still wanted to go. We met Don Pedro and headed out. I had a large order to fill with three guys and after i told them that the fish were of very nice size. I set out four rods at all different depths and colored lures. Sometime had went by without a strike and i was wondering when this would happen. probably what felt like an hour went by, finally we had our first strike of the day with Matt grabbing the rod and reeling on a nice fish that was taking lots of line and soon i had scooped the big fish into the net that turned out to be a three-pound rainbow. The morning was slow and after about another 45 minutes we had three nice fish in the cooler. After the third fish hit the deck it was apparent that the bite was turning on for us. For the next hour we had some great action and soon we had nine rainbows in the cooler, then the bite seemed to slow down. After boating a nice black bass that we quickly threw back it became tough with no more action, I decided to head to new water and after a 100 yards we had fish number ten in the boat and another 100 yards we found yet another trout. With four more fish to catch I was hoping we could get 15 fish, so i turned the boat back around and within 30 minutes we had one more fish to catch and that would mean getting the devil-fish as I call it, the last fish of the day and sometimes the toughest to catch, however the devil fish was not the devil at all and came quickly and this was all done by 12:30. A great day on the waters of Don Pedro with a great grade of fish along with three great guys. Thanks for choosing Gold Country Sportfishing.


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