First fish for young Angler @ Don Pedro 8-7-2017

Return client Mike brought along his grandson Brayden for a days trip to Don Pedro to see if we could get him his first fish ever. We launched the boat and headed out, after setting four rods at various depths we were on the hunt. After searching and searching and finding nothing I moved onto to new water while trolling all the while, after what seemed like close to two hours finally the back port side rod was hooked up with what would be Braydens first fish ever, he did a great job of fighting the fish with some coaching along the way. We continued on and soon we found where the fish had been hiding as we had double hook ups and at one point we basically had a triple landing only one fish.We had a very nice bite going for us, not even being able to sit down long enough to eat a Sandwich we lost e few fish and had some missed opportunities. By ten o’clock we were looking for the devil-fish as the bite seemed to be slowing we lost two fish just behind the boat and before we new it I was scooping the tenth fish in the net at 11:00. A great day on the waters of Don Pedro with great people. Thanks again!!!!



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