New Melones rainbows 8-24-2017

Returning clients Mike and Chris were onboard on August the 24th at New Melones to chase some big rainbow trout that we have been catching. The morning started off very slow as it took a long time to get a strike and when we did we had a double hook-up, as both guys were reeling on a fish only one of the fish made it to the boat, after landing that fish I went out and turned around and came back through the same area and Boom! we had another hook-up and Chris was able to get his fish to the boat this time. so after boating that fish I again turned around for another strike, but unfortunately this fish came off, as I thought we were onto something, however I was wrong, there was no more fish in this area. This day would prove to be a very tough day. We did have a monster fish at one point as the rod came off the down rigger clip the rod just kept going down as it pulsed very hard a few times before mike could start reeling on this big fish and after about a minute into the fight, Mike uttered the word, its gone! They ended the day with one more fish for a total of three fish on the day and three lost fish. No pictures were taken. I am not surer if the slow fishing was due to the solar eclipse or not.  Thanks again guys

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