Sacramento River King Salmon 11-2-2017

Returning client Robert brought along his long time friend Mike for a day’s fishing for river salmon. It took until well over half way into our first pass of the day to get our first bite and it wasn’t on long enough to be hooked up solid, after resetting the rod and going another 50 yards we had yet another fish on and this time Robert landed the first fish of the day, so after a quick photo we headed back up river and started over again and this pass half way down BAM fish ON!! It was Mikes turn to land a fish and that’s exactly  what he did, so we snapped a few photos we headed up river again and this time it was Roberts turn again and not even half way down the back rod goes down, Robert grabbed the rod and as I netted the fish they hollered fish on again while one of the last rods was still out, so Mike grabbed the rod and fought yet another fish and unfortunately was lost just at the boat. We continued down river. At the end of that pass we headed back up river once more and I changed locations on the river this time down into a place I know fish will hang once in a while, and as I marked a couple of fish on the sonar it was no sooner when the starboard side went down hard and  Mike grabbed the rod and brought the fish within inches of the net as it started shaking its head back and forth and usually this doesn’t end well and this time again it didn’t as the fish came unbuttoned, this is when the angler has to keep a lot of tension on the fish to keep it from doing this. Still a great day on the Sacramento river with two great guys. Thanks again guys!!!








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