Don Pedro Rainbows 5-1-2018

New Clients Steve and Fred were onboard with me on May the 1st at Don Pedro to see if we could catch some rainbows. We arrived at a nearly full lake and headed out. I put out only two lead-core rods and it wasn’t even five minutes and we were already hooking fish. Now I told Steve and Fred that they could keep what they wanted or release fish, and I told then there would be many small fish so lets release them so they could grow. So they let several go until Fred hooked into something big and as it appeared behind the boat we could see that this was a keeper after netting it and weighing it, it weighed in at 4 pounds 4 ounces. So we worked the area for a good long time when we hooked into another monster and it was in Fred’s side again, however it broke the line and swam away with the lure in its mouth. The bite started to slow so I suggested let’s make a move and no sooner than we put out the two rods again, Freds rod was bent over hard and pulling line off the reel at an amazing rate, after a great fight I was able to slide the net under the big fish, this fish was a twin of the Fred’s first big fish, it weighed 4 pounds.  Later I put the lead-core rods away and set out four rods on the down riggers and this is when Steve lost a  monster in the same area as well, he did land some very nice fish also. We had a great day as they caught an amazing 35 rainbows from the waters of Don Pedro, keeping their ten fish. A great day with two great guys!!!!! Thanks again.




IMG_2204 (1)


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