Don Pedro kokes and rainbows 7-18-2018

Returning clients Mac and Richard brought along their friend Dave for a day’s fishing at Don Pedro to chase kokanee and trout. After leaving the dock we encountered  a  in distress, so thankfully it was close to shore that it only took about 15 minutes, then we were on our way to the fishing grounds. I quickly set out four rods and very soon we had our first fish of the day hooked up. The day was a very hot and Smokey day from a local fire and it became so bad that at times we couldn’t see 500 feet, however by the time our day ended a breeze came up and blew it away. They ended the day at 1:00 o’clock with 14 kokanee and seven rainbows, they released many rainbows as they were after the kokanee. A great day with guys!!!! Thanks again


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