Kokanee and trout @ Don Pedro 8-7-2018

New Client Lorenzo and his son Lorenzo Jr. came up from Southern California for vacation and while being here they hired me for a day’s fishing at Don Pedro. I headed to the same spot as the day before, after dropping four lines I told the two of them on what to expect when we get a bite and how the down- riggers worked. It wasn’t long and we were getting bit, now we were mainly after the kokanee and they turned back all the trout except two. The kokanee were somewhat elusive as we would land some and loose some, remember these silver bullets can be hard to land with their soft mouths. They did a great job especially never before fishing for kokanee.  The bite would go in spurts and we would also have some long times in between bites, we were marking fish but they can be very finicky at times. We ended the day with a triple landing two, so I suggested lets take a photo, so as I grabbed the fish board I could see a rod was getting hit, so I quickly grabbed the rod and Lorenzo Jr. reeled in the last fish of the day. They finished the day with eight kokanee and two trout. A great day with two great guys. Thanks again for coming out..


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