Sacramento River King Salmon 9-24-2018

Returning clients Dan, Harry and Dan were onboard with me on September the 24th on the Sacramento River to chase king salmon. I put these three single guys together for a trip. We launched the boat and headed down stream, I set four rods and we were under way and it was not long when one of the back rods started bouncing, Harry grabbed the rod and the fight was on, however the fish came unbuttoned half way to the boat, a few more yards downstream the other back rod went down, so Dan Vasquez grabbed the rod and we had the same out come as the fish came undone. I headed back up-stream to start over again the starboard side rod went down so Dan Bledsaw grabbed the rod and this time we had a great fight going and this fish was not giving it up easy at all, it came to the surface and we tell why it was putting up a great fight and then it took off again and this lasted at least ten minutes and I was finally able to slide the big 20 pound king into the net. So now we have a fish in the boat and it wasn’t long and it was Harry’s turn again and he was able to land a nice 12 pound salmon. Then it seemed to quite down but we were still getting strikes that just would not stick, then nearly at the end of the day it was all calm onboard as Dan Vasquez had not caught a fish yet and was napping all hell broke loose as the starboard side was slammed hard, we had to wake him up and after a great fight and some good runs we put a 15 pound king salmon in the net. A great day it was. Thanks again guys for coming out.IMG_2673




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