Sacramento River King Salmon 9-25-2018

New clients, Jeff, Mark, Jason and Rod were all part of a 12 person trip that was setup and three boats took out 4 guys per boat on September the 25th to catch king salmon. We all met and launched our boats and headed out. I set out four rods and we were under way as we neared one of our partner boats I could tell that they had a fish on, but they lost it. We were fishing close to our other partner boat when one of our rods went down and we were into our first fish and we had a great fight going on as Mark was fighting the fish it took us sometime as this fish was not giving it up easily at all, then as it neared the boat a few times but just kept taking off then finally I was able to put the 20 pound king salmon into the net. So we headed back up-stream and nearly at the same location as before another rod went down so rod grabbed the rod and was reeling on the fish, the fish was all over the place and was very close a few time and then it came undone when I was getting ready to net it. The day or should I say morning was fast and furious. After loosing that fish we were right back into another fish and by 8:15 the four guys had their four fish and so I turned to them and said let me try to catch my fish and by 8:45 I landed my fish. The other boat finished with five fish also about 30 minutes later so the two of us headed in and took photos, the third boat came in about and hour later. A great day was had by all.














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