Sacramento River King Salmon 10-10-2018

Returning client Kim brought along his son for an early birthday gift in hopes of catching a king salmon. I also invited Bill Karr from Western Outdoor News along to do an on the spot. We all met up launched the boat and headed out, after setting our four rods I always tell people what to expect when a fish is hooked up. Well we were moving along when all of a sudden the port side rod was slammed violently, but he missed the hook! We continued on and the same again what I thought was hitting the bottom, so Bill reeled the rod a couple of times, well it was a bite and the fish came back again and buried the rod in the holder, we all cleared the rods and this fish was BIG, while Ryan was fighting the fish we finally got a good look at the fish and after some good runs that just burnt line off the reel, I netted a 24 pound king salmon!!! After some high fives and photos we continued on and not even 75 yards the same rod again was hammered just as hard and Kim was up on the reel and again some great runs were had and a 21 pounder was in the net. High fives and photos were on again. I set the rods out again and this time 50 yards when the back rod was hammered, so I grabbed the rod out of the holder and handed it off to Bill, this fish gave him a great fight and a 15 pound 10 ounce king salmon was onboard. A great story for Bill and a great trip for a father and son. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!IMG_2809 (1)





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