Sacramento River kings 10-12-2018

Returning clients Mitch and Dan and new clients Steve and Merle were onboard on this day to chase king salmon. The four guys got along great and after setting the four rods I told everyone you can take turns or pick a rod is was up to them. So Dan picked his rod and the others just said they would take the rod where they were sitting, and ten minutes into the trip the starboard side started pulsing violently and Mitch grabbed the rod and the fight was on and very soon after the bright king salmon was in the net. This would be it for sometime and after many passes we finally had a great take down, but it didn’t stick, Then finally the starboard side rod again went down and Steve grabbed the rod and somehow the fish became tangled with another rod and I thought we were doomed, however I coached Steve and Dan and I was able to net the salmon. It was getting late in the day, but I really wanted another fish so we made another pass and this time we had another very hard take down where the rod pulsed three times on one of the back rods and just as Merle was getting close to the rod the fish let go. That was it for the day. A great day with a group of guys. Thanks again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IMG_2847


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