Sacramento River King Salmon 10-16-2018

Returning client Joel  and his two young boys were onboard with me again this time to chase king salmon. We set out and headed down stream and after setting four rods we were on our way. After going a half mile one of the back rods went down I grabbed the rod and handed it off to Mason, I could tell this was a big fish and it was a hot one as it took a 100 feet of line in seconds, we cleared the other rods while he was fighting this fish I could tell the fish was getting the upper hand on Mason but he was gaining line and the fish was in sight then he went to the other side of the boat again we could see the big fish, now the fish was heading for the back motors, so I gunned the kicker motor to separate the fish from the boat and the fish actually hit the prop while it was running and chopped the lined. On the same pass we finally landed one. The second pass another rod went down and this time Joel was fighting a fish and as it neared the boat and very close to the net the fish started violently shaking his head back and forth and broke the line off with his teeth. That was it for the day. Thanks again for coming out guys!!!IMG_2856

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