Sacramento River King Salmon 10-21-2018

New Clients David and his wife Gina were onboard on Sunday the 21st on the Sacramento River to catch king salmon. The morning started out cool and as I  instructed them on what to do when we get a fish on went right out the window after 5 minutes when the starboard side went down hard so I grabbed the rod and handed it off to Gena and the fight was on, David and I cleared the other rods and soon we had a nice king salmon in the boat, Gina was very excited as this was a birthday gift from her husband. I rest the rods and we continued on and another mile the same rod again went down and it was David’s turn and as it neared the net the fish was coming in but the drag was a little loose so he stopped reeling so I could tighten it up some and the hook fell out of its mouth, I reset the rods again another 50 yards BAM another fish on again we lost another fish, UGH another 50 yards again the same rod and finally we put this salmon in the net. after completing out pass, we headed back up-stream I took out two rods as It was my turn and BAM fish on and we put this salmon in the net and we headed in. A great day with a  great couple!!!!!! Thanks again you twoIMG_2900


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