Sacramento River Kings 10-20-2018

New clients Jim brought along some of his family for a days trip on the river to hopefully catch a few king salmon. The four of them boarded the boat and we headed out. I explained what to expect and what to do when we had a fish on. I had the rods ready to go and when we arrived at our destination I set the first rod and as I was getting ready to drop the second rod I looked over at the first rod and it was violently pulsing up and down and so I shouted FISH ON! 11-year-old Carter would be the first one up, so as I slowed the boat the fight was on, the fish was getting the best of him, however Carter was bound and determined to win and after several minutes and good runs the fish took we were able to put the 14 pound king in the net… after a few high fives and photos I reset the rods and we continued on, another mile the back rod went down and Chris was  able to grab and he reeled in a nice 11 pound king. That was it for sometime, then on one pass much later on the starboard side was slammed and Jim yelled FISH ON! as soon as Matt grabbed the rod and made a few turn son the reel the fish was gone UGH! the fishing was slow for us on this day, then on the last pass one of the back rods was getting hit very hard and as soon as I grabbed the rod the fish let go. That was it for the day. A nice day on the Sacramento river with great people. Thanks again everyone.



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