Don Pedro Rainbows 11-25-2018


New Client Paul brought along his family for a batchler  party. We met at the lake, it was clear when I arrived at the lake, we headed out and started fishing only to be forced back to the dock due to heavy dense fog, that lasted about and hour and a half, it cleared to a beautiful day, after setting four rods we had a fish right away and that was it for some time as we searched and searched for fish and finally I made the decision to change up tactics and headed for one of my winter time spots and as soon as I set the rods one of the rods was slammed and it turned out to be a three pound rainbow then again we had another, so now I know we found some fish and the fishing turned on for us as the full moon was working against us in the morning hours. They laded six rainbows with the biggest one being four pounds four ounces, they lost a few and we many strikes where they would hit the lure but miss it, we had to leave them biting as the sun was getting very low in the sky as we headed for the dock. A slow start to the day but ended up pretty good. Thanks for coming out guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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