Rainbow Trout at Don Pedro 1-28-2019

Returning client Dan brought three of his friends and one was from South Africa out visiting so he thought what better way to spend the day was to go on a fishing trip. We met up at the lake, launched the boat and headed out. After setting two rods we were on our way and with in less than five minutes we had our first strike that did not stick, we went another 50 yards and the starboard side was hammered so Joe quickly grabbed the rod and we soon had our first fish of the day in my new Reliable fishing bag!! We continued to work the area and not much time went by as we had fish number two in the bag. We had several more good grabs that came up empty. This day would prove to be on the tougher side as we left the area in search of more fish. The first location came up empty and then on to another spot that did produce a single fish for us, so again we picked up on moved onto another location for nothing, so by this time its after lunch so we headed back to our original spot and instantly picked two more fish and we had two other grabs that didn’t stick. These guys had a great time just spending the day together.  The days final tally was five fish landed and we had 5 other very good strikes. A great day with guys. Thanks again everyone.

img_3139 (1)

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