Don Pedro kokanee and Trout 4-7-2019

New clients Ed and Charlie were on board with me on Sunday April the 7th, we met up at the lake, launched the boat and headed out, after setting the lines we were under way. The morning was cool but i knew the day was suppose to be a nice day. After a long while one of the back rods was struck hard and the fight was on while Charlie was doing battle and half way to the boat the fish jumped a few times and spit the hook. that would be the only bite for a long while as i kept trying different lures and depths, finally the starboard side back rod was hit and Dan reeled in a nice fat kokanee. we continued on and again nothing, so i kept searching and hour later we had another fish on and we landed another fish. we then made it to an area that looked good and we had another fish on and this time it was a nice rainbow, I continued to work the area and this would make the whole day worth it as we ended the day with five kokanee and five trout from the waters of Don Pedro. A great day with two great days. Thanks again !!!!!

IMG_3358 (3)




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