New Melones Kokanee and Rainbow Trout 6-8-2019

New client David had some co workers in from England and wanted some fun for them to do so he booked a trip with me and we met up at the lake and headed out, now these guys have fished before but not trolling for kokanee, I explained on what to do and told their was no pressure. We instantly had our first fish hooked up was landed by Andrew and we were then under way for a great day. They we having a great time landing and they also lost some fish as well. It was Andrews turn once again and it turned out to be a four pound Rainbow trout, In the process i had somehow tore a big hunk of skin out of my pinky finger and was bleeding so after fixing myself up and a few photos we were fishing again and about thirty minutes after netting a fish i was taking the hooks out and somehow the hook impaled itself into my thumb clear past the bend and i could see the point sticking out so after thinking it over I cut the shank of the hook off and proceeded to push the hook all the way through, I made it bleed real good and fixed myself up once again and we finished off with all our fish and headed in. Thanks again guys for the great day and for choosing Gold Country Sportfishing!!!!!



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