New Melones kokanee trip 6-18-2019

New clients Greg his wife Kari and their friends Dennis and Melinda were on-board with me on Tuesday June the 18th. Greg and his wife are from Florida and their friends Dennis and his girlfriend are from Berkeley and hired me for a relaxing trip on New Melones. After a few instructions on what to do and setting three lines the first rod was already bouncing as Greg had it under control and we soon netted the fish and then came the second fish and soon it was in the Reliable fish bag and we were well under way of getting our day going, unfortunately fishing for kokanee if one never looses one its your lucky day and one better play the lottery, and so they lost a handful of fish on this day and we had a few missed opportunities. They did not need 20 fish so they stopped fishing when we got to 12 fish. A great day with a great group of people. I really appreciate you coming out and thanks for choosing Gold Country Sportfishing.


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1 Response to New Melones kokanee trip 6-18-2019

  1. Melinda Butler says:

    Such a great time! Very professional and knows what he is doing. He makes it look easy. Had a relaxing time with you. Thank you soo much for great memories! We will be calling you again.

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