New Melones kokanee 6-20-2019

Return clients Steve, Trevor, Zach and newbie Bruce were on-board on June the 20th at New Melones. I arrived at the lake and found that I had a flat tire on my trailer so after getting the boat ready to fish and launch I changed the tire and was ready to go in time before the guys arrived. We launched the boat and headed out and as I set the first rod i looked up and it had already been hit, so i re-baited the hooks and set it back, I wasn’t able to get all four rods out before getting another fish on and this is way it would go on this morning. Steve was baiting the lures and between Zach and myself we were netting fish and I was setting the rods back down. The fish were really schooled up so I just did  circles around them as it was a challenge to keep the rods in the water, and by 8:00 O’clock we had 11 kokanee already and the action was just as crazy as the laughter on this day and by 11:15 we had four limits of kokanee from the waters of New Melones.


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