New Melones kokanee 6-21-2019

New clients Joe and John hired me the day as Joe wanted to see how I fished for the kokanee in New Melones. We launched the boat and after setting the rods we were under way, we lost the first fish and the second fish we landed. This day we were not marking  fish like the previous day however I wasn’t worried though and finally we had five kokanee after a few lost fish and by 10:30 we had seven kokanee but the bite was just a tough one an hour or so went by with nothing then we had a double that took us to nine and moments later they landed the tenth fish at 12:30. Still a great day with two great guys. Thanks again. and the bite was much slower, there was many boats on the water and that makes things tough. We would get a fish now and then and loose a few also, things were not looking great as the day went on to catch limits, by 10:30 we only had five fisIMG_3615

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