Jumbo Kokanee @ New Melones 6-27-2019

Returning clients John and Pat brought along two of their buddies for a day of kokanee fishing at New Melones on June the 27th. We launched the big Willie boat and headed out, after setting four rods we were under way. The previous day was non stop action, however this day would be a slower bite, after maybe 30 minutes we finally caught our first fish, during the day we would have little flurries of bites then it would slow down and be back on again, we were getting a nice collection of fish in the fish bag, I felt bad for john, for some reason the fish just were not staying on for him, he did his get his share though, then Dennis landed a three pound rainbow what a very nice fish!!!. We were getting close to their limits, but we were running out of time in the day and just when were getting ready to call it a day the port side rod got hammered and Pat quickly grabbed the rod and I could tell this was a big fish as it was taking line and not coming in at all, finally pat was able to get it to the net and at first I though it was another big rainbow, however it turned out to be  very large kokanee I weighed it and it was a solid two pound five ounce kokanee from the waters of New Melones. They ended the day with 13 kokanee and one rainbow trout, and they lost nine fish on the day. We caught some impressive kokanee on this day also…..A great day with great guys!!!! Thanks again and thanks for fishing with Gold Country Sportfishing






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