New Melones kokanee 7-2-2019

New clients Jon and his father in law Geno hired me for the day on New Melones to learn some things about kokanee fishing. We met up at the big and nearly full reservoir, launched the boat and headed out. After setting four rods with some new gear to try it wasn’t long and we had a bite, but that’s all it was then the next bite Geno had his first fish getting close to the net, unfortunately it came off. After marking some fish the new gear really started to produce fish for us and we were able to get them to the net, things were rolling along nicely as we had seven fish by 10:00 and then we had a double that took us to number nine and then the bite shut down hard!! I mean i washed a bunch of lures trying to get our devil fish and as time went on and on I was staring to think that number ten wouldn’t happen, but giving up is not an option as we were trolling back in the direction of the dock we had a good take down and Jon did great work of getting the tenth and final fish to the net. A great day on the waters of New Melones with two great guys. Thanks again you two and thank you  for choosing Gold Country Sportfishing….IMG_3678.JPG

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