Kokanee fishing @ New Melones 7-22-2019

New clients and first time kokanee fishermen Steve, Tamara and son Zachary were out with me for a day of learning and to gain some knowledge of whats involved in hunting down and catching kokanee salmon. We headed out and after showing them a few things I started dropping the four rods at various depths all rigged with something different, we were not marking much on my Garmin sonar, then after about an hour we started marking a few fish and finally the back port-side rod was getting hit so I quickly grabbed the rod and handed it off to Steve and after a short fight it was in the Reliable fish bag. Then a few minutes later it was Zachs turn and then Tamara had her turn and we were well under way of what we set out to do, learn and catch fish. This day we had some nice flurries along with a couple of slower times. When we had 14 fish I mentioned to them now we just have to land the DEVIL fish, they wasn’t sure of what I meant but after telling them,and Tamara loosing two fish, now they understood, and on the third try she landed her final fish, we did ended the day with 15 kokanee before noon. This day we caught some of the biggest kokanee of the season. A great day with great people…. Thanks again and thanks for choosing Gold Country Sportfishing……


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