Nine year Old’s first time kokanee 7-25-2019

Returning client Kim brought his nine year old grandson Brody out to New Melones for a days fishing. After setting the four rods we were under way and with in ten minutes we had our first hookup and grandpa went first so he could show Brody what to do when it was his turn, and that turn would come in just a couple minutes. The fishing was excellent on this day as one time we had a double hook-up and both grandson and grandpa stood side by side reeling in their fish, (what a great memory they will have) so I netted both fish at the same time. then at 7:30 they had their ten fish limits, so I suggested let me catch my five so we could stay out a little longer and by 8:00 O’clock we were done with 15 kokanee from  the waters of New Melones. I know now that Brody is hooked on fishing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again you two fro the great morning and thanks for choosing Gold Country Sportfishing.



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