New Melones kokanee 7-31-2019

New clients Dan and Ted were on-board with me on Wednesday the 31st of July at New Melones. They wanted kokanee and kokanee they recieved in style in the 24 foot Willie boat. They set back and watched me work as I lowered the four rods at various depths. It took about 15 minutes befroe we had our first take down and Ted was on the rod first however it came unbuttoned, after resetting the rod we move on in search of more and after going over a few marks that did not bite I turned around and they stared biting. We had a little bite going and we soon had four nice fish. There were other boats working the area and I decided to move out of the area as they were beating the water to death and soon I found a nice school of kokanee with very little boats around and soon they had their ten fish and I asked them if they wanted to stick around and let me catch my five fish, and heck yea they said and soon I found myself reeling in my limit as Dan was netting my fish. A great day with a father and son on the waters of New Melones. Thanks for choosing Gold Country Sportfishing……


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