Late season kokanee 8-25-2019

New clients Brian and Nick wanted a day of fishing New Melones for kokanee, I knew the fishing had been slowing down however we were still putting fish in the boat. After setting four rods at various depths we started marking fish so I knew we had something to work with after 45 minutes we had our first hook up, however when Brian was reeling the fish in it was not very big and we was able to let it go and it also was able to swim off, I don’t like letting the first fish go but this we had to do. A few minutes later the deep rod went off this and this time it was a much larger fish, and in short order Nick had a turn with a quality kokanee. The day was a hot one and we continued to work the schools of fish many times going through them without a bite, but being persistent like I am it paid off and we had six kokanee in the fish bag and with them having to get back to pack things up at there cabin we fished until noon and right at the last the deep rod went off again and Nick grabbed the rod and he landed the last fish of the day. They ended up with 7 fish in the bag and let one go, lost one and missed two. A great day with a couple of great guys. Thanks again for coming out and thanks for choosing Gold Country Sportfishing……



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