Sac Metro King Salmon 10-9-2019

Returning clients Kim and Ryan and Ryan brought along his daughter Juliana for a day of fishing. Juliana had never caught a salmon so this day was a special day. After setting four rods fishing it was instantly fish on as we didn’t go 50 feet. Juliana would be first and she did a great job fighting the fish, it wasn’t a big fish but it was her first and she was very excited. The day was gonna be windy and I was not sure how long we would be able to fish. Ryan would be going next as we waited for the bite and finally it did as the rod double over hard, everyone else cleared the rods and in short order we had the fish on-board. Last up would be Kim, his turn came twice but unfortunately both times the fish came unbuttoned half way to the boat, so we all decided if we were lucky enough to get another bite it would be Juliana’s turn, well it turned out and she was half asleep when the back rod started violently pulsing and she grabbed the rod and fought the fish perfectly. That was it as the wind was building and we needed to get back. Thanks gain for the great day and for choosing Gold Country Sportfishing,img_4044-2-1

IMG_4047 (2)






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