Sacramento River King Salmon 10-28-2019

Return client John brought along his buddy Paul for a day of salmon fishing on the Sacramento River. The morning started with a hard grab that didn’t stick within the first 50 yards, so we kept going and another 50 yards we had our first fish of the day on as john was fighting a great fish and this fish put up a great fight, and finally it was in the net. We picked up and headed back up river and withing another 75 yards fish number two was on and Paul, was fighting his fish and after a short battle we had two salmon in the fish bag. Again back up stream and another 50 yards another strike and John was into another great fish with a great battle as this fish wasn’t about to give up and now we had three fish in the Reliable fish bag. So back up to the top of the run again and another 75 yards fish number three was hammering the rod and Paul grabbed the rod while john and I cleared the other rods, and after a great battle we now had four kings on the fish bag. John suggested maybe I wanted to catch my fish so I thought heck yea and we continued on and I figured we would fish to the end of the run and if nothing happened we would pack it in, well after a 100 yards the back rod was getting hammered so I grabbed the rod and the fight was on, after john netting the fish we continued on and after a short distance the back rod where I was standing was hit and I grabbed the rod again and this fish put a great but short fight. What an Excellent morning, Eight strikes and six king salmon all by 10:00 in the morning. Thanks you guys for an epic morning on the Sacramento River…….IMG_0044












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