King Salmon on November the 3rd 2019

Returning client Dennis and Justin and Justin’s two boys were on board in hopes of catching the boys very first King salmon, after setting four rods we didn’t go 75 yards and the back starboard rod was getting hammered so Justin got the rod out of the holder and handed it off to Cody as the fish was putting up a great fight, Cody was doing a great job fighting the salmon and after a great battle between the two I was able to slide the net under the fish. So after heading back up stream and resetting the rods we were under way again. A 100 yards into the pass the same back rod again was hammered and this time Logan had his hands full as he began to battle the salmon, after a great short fight I again was able to slide the net under the salmon, so now we have accomplished what we set out to do, we kept on fishing and the opposite back rod went down very hard and Cody and Justin were on the rod again and Cody was reeling away and half way to the boat the fish came unbuttoned unfortunately. Then later on into the run we had another hard quick grab that didn’t stick. The guys said lets go as not to burn the kids out. A great day with a great group and these boys will have this memory for a really long time….

IMG_0084 (1)


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