Jumbo Rainbows and King salmon at Don Pedro 9-15-2021

New clients DJ, Fred, Don and Caleb were onboard on the 15th of September. This trip was to hopefully catch eight year old Caleb his first fish and a big fish on the is trip. It wasn’t ten minutes after setting the rods that we had our first fish on and of course Caleb would be up first and after some coaching he landed his first fish and it was a nice fish at that. The day would prove to be just a phenomenal day of catching, all the fish were just big beautiful fish and we found a pod of fish that were just very hungry and at about 10:45 we had 15 fish and also about 11:15 the port side rod was hit and we only needed a couple more fish for four limits, it was Calebs turn and the other guys said he could handle it by himself well well he did but no one could believe the size of the fish that came up from the depths and this young man did great with some coaching by myself and after netting it it weighed six and a half pounds what a day it was. Great fishing for great people and a memory for all on this special day. Thanks guys and thanks for choosing Gold Country Sportfishing!!

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