Rainy Day on the Sacramento River 10-21-2021

Returning clients Kim, Ryan and Julie were onboard with me on the Sacramento River on October the 21st to chase down some King Salmon. The weather man called for light showers early in the morning clearing by 8:00 but he seriously got it wrong, everyone had rain gear but with no top on the boat we still got wet. I mean it poured for several hours. We had no bites then around ten thirty the port side rod got hit and Julie picked up the rod and line was burning off the reel at a fast pace that I was un aware of and she said uh oh! we both looked at the spool on the reel and it was near the end, she got the fish turned and started gaining ground and the words no guide wants to hear…. Its gone! so we regrouped and continued on and soon we had another fish on and as she was reeling this fish and again it was gone. UGH! then a short time later we had another hard strike and this time Ryan grabbed the rod and this one made it to the boat a really nice 20 pounder. That was it for the day as they needed to be off the water by 12;30 Thanks again every one still a great wet day……

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