Tough Day @ Don Pedro 8-3-2022

New clients Mike and Dwight were onboard with me on August the 3rd for some lessons on kokanee fishing. A few days prior the kokanee were hard to catch, however this day would prove to be even tougher. After setting the four rods at various depths we started our troll and soon marked a good fish over a 100 feet down so I lowered one of the rods just above it and waited a few seconds and BAMM! fish on! Mike grabbed the rod and began reeling and after a good fight I was able to slide the Beckman net under it and it turned out to be a four pound King Salmon. We continued on and we were not marking many fish at all and finally we landed a nice kokanee, but by then time was ticking away and I wanted to try for some trout just to give them some action but Mike wanted to stick it out for a while longer and learn more about kokanee fishing, then we did switch over and the first fish we caught was a big Bass then three Rainbows and they called it a day before it became to hot. Still a great day on the water with two great guys. Thanks again!!!

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