Great trout fishing @ Don Pedro 9-10-2022

Return client Paul bought along his two friends for a day of trout fishing at Don Pedro. The morning started out with a bang as I set the first rod and was getting the second rod ready to go and I looked at the first rod and it was buried and Pulsing as Francisco grabbed the rod and began reeling, however half way to the boat it came undone. After getting all the rods set we were underway with our day. The bite was not fast as we would pick up a fish here and there, then things started to turn for the better as the over cast skies stayed with us and the started to turn on. At one point we had a triple hook up and one of the fish turned out to be a really nice kokanee in its spawning colors. The sun finally came out and got pretty warm and by 11:30 the guys were ready to call it a day. The days tally was 13 Rainbows and one kokanee along with six other fish lost. Another great day with some great guys!!!! Thanks again!!

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