Hogan Stripers 7-30-2019

New client Morey a single angler, I paired him up with regular Harry for a day of striper fishing at Hogan reservoir to see what we could catch. It had been three months since I had been there. We launched the big Willie boat and headed out and after dropping rods we were already marking fish and bait. Hopes were high and I was confident that we would catch fish. It took awhile before we had our first strike and that came up empty. After circling back around for nothing we moved on and finally the starboard side Plainer board was hammered and Morey was first up and landed a five pound striper, and almost instantly the same side down-rigger rod went down hard and Harry was up but this fish came off and unfortunately it broke the hooks off. The day was a very nice day and a little breeze. Harry’s luck was not the best on this day as he lost four fish and landing two while Morey landed three and lost one and we had five other missed opportunities. Still a nice day on the water, thanks again guys and thanks for choosing Gold Country Sportfishing.


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Nine year Old’s first time kokanee 7-25-2019

Returning client Kim brought his nine year old grandson Brody out to New Melones for a days fishing. After setting the four rods we were under way and with in ten minutes we had our first hookup and grandpa went first so he could show Brody what to do when it was his turn, and that turn would come in just a couple minutes. The fishing was excellent on this day as one time we had a double hook-up and both grandson and grandpa stood side by side reeling in their fish, (what a great memory they will have) so I netted both fish at the same time. then at 7:30 they had their ten fish limits, so I suggested let me catch my five so we could stay out a little longer and by 8:00 O’clock we were done with 15 kokanee from  the waters of New Melones. I know now that Brody is hooked on fishing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again you two fro the great morning and thanks for choosing Gold Country Sportfishing.



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Kokanee fishing @ New Melones 7-22-2019

New clients and first time kokanee fishermen Steve, Tamara and son Zachary were out with me for a day of learning and to gain some knowledge of whats involved in hunting down and catching kokanee salmon. We headed out and after showing them a few things I started dropping the four rods at various depths all rigged with something different, we were not marking much on my Garmin sonar, then after about an hour we started marking a few fish and finally the back port-side rod was getting hit so I quickly grabbed the rod and handed it off to Steve and after a short fight it was in the Reliable fish bag. Then a few minutes later it was Zachs turn and then Tamara had her turn and we were well under way of what we set out to do, learn and catch fish. This day we had some nice flurries along with a couple of slower times. When we had 14 fish I mentioned to them now we just have to land the DEVIL fish, they wasn’t sure of what I meant but after telling them,and Tamara loosing two fish, now they understood, and on the third try she landed her final fish, we did ended the day with 15 kokanee before noon. This day we caught some of the biggest kokanee of the season. A great day with great people…. Thanks again and thanks for choosing Gold Country Sportfishing……


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New Melones kokanee 7-20-2019

After a week of vacation I was back at New Melones on Saturday July the 20th with new client Leonard and his grandson Landon.  We headed out to where I thought the fish would be and set the first rod and as I grabbed the second rod to put out I noticed that the first rod popped out of the release, so I grabbed the rod and sure enough their was a fish on it, so I handed the rod off to Leonard and we had our first fish of the morning in the bag. We had good action going for us and soon we had five kokanee in the bag and then the action slowed up some. We finally found a school of fish and the next thing you know we had eight fish and then we had a double hook up and both grandpa and grandson reeled in the last two fish side by side to end the morning. A great memory for them to have. Thanks again you two for the great day and thanks for choosing Gold Country Sportfishing,,,,,,, IMG_3743




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New Melones kokanee 7-11-2019

Return client Chris brought along his son Ryan for some kokanee fishing at New Melones on July the 11th. After launching the boat I headed straight for the same place as the day before. I set the four rods and started our day after about thirty minutes we had our first fish of the day on and on the line and it soon was in the Reliable fish bag. The action was kinda like the previous day however they guys were not loosing any fish, other boats around us seemed to be struggling, we were having good luck as we kept catching and by 9:45 they had their two limits of kokanee from the waters of New Melones. A great day with two great guys… Thanks again for choosing Gold Country Sportfishing…..

IMG_3724 (2)

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New Melones kokanee 7-10-2019

Returning clients Mike and Harry were back fishing together on July the 10th with me in search of silver bullets (kokanee salmon). We started out by landing on a school of fish only to have them not bite, after turning back around around we were able to get one to go and at least we got the skunk off the boat. After more searching and only a couple of missed opportunities I kept moving and finally started marking fish and finally they began biting. The guys started to land a few and for some reason Harry was having a hard time getting them to the boat, Mike only lost a couple on the day we had a good bite going and finally we had two limits and I suggested lets catch a few for me and we ended the day with 13 kokanee from the waters of New Melones. Thanks again guys for the great day!!!!


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New Melones kokanee 7-8-2019

New client Lloyd brought along his son Ray and Nephew Andrew for a boys day on the water at New Melones chasing kokanee. After launching the boat I went right back to the days before location and started setting rods, after setting four rods I wasn’t marking anything and this was puzzling and this continued on for more than an hour. After searching and searching I finally started to mark a few fish and BAM! we had have a double and the boys both landed their fish, now that’s better I thought, so I circled back around and finally we found them and the catching commenced, we were catching fish after fish and then we have 12 fish and the bite came to a screeching halt and Lloyd said lets call it a day as the boys were getting Ansy as he did not want to burn them out trying to get three more fish. They lost two fish on the day and the boys did great reeling in fish. A great day full of memories with great people . Thanks again !!!!


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Holiday kokanee @ New Melones 7-6-2019

Returning client John brought along two of his friends as a graduation gift for one of them. I normally do not fish holiday weekends but I made an exception for John. We agreed to meet up at the lake at o dark thirty and headed out just as it was breaking daylight. I started dropping rods and I didn’t even get the third rod out as we had a fish on! This is how it would go for the first 30 minutes, then after the sun came up it started to slow somewhat, but we still had a good bite going for us and by 10:15 we had three limits of kokanee in the Reliable fish bag and we headed in and we just got the boat back on the trailer as all the crazies were lining up to launch their boats. Another great day with great people on the waters of New Melones. Thanks gain everyone!!!!IMG_3685

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New Melones kokanee 7-2-2019

New clients Jon and his father in law Geno hired me for the day on New Melones to learn some things about kokanee fishing. We met up at the big and nearly full reservoir, launched the boat and headed out. After setting four rods with some new gear to try it wasn’t long and we had a bite, but that’s all it was then the next bite Geno had his first fish getting close to the net, unfortunately it came off. After marking some fish the new gear really started to produce fish for us and we were able to get them to the net, things were rolling along nicely as we had seven fish by 10:00 and then we had a double that took us to number nine and then the bite shut down hard!! I mean i washed a bunch of lures trying to get our devil fish and as time went on and on I was staring to think that number ten wouldn’t happen, but giving up is not an option as we were trolling back in the direction of the dock we had a good take down and Jon did great work of getting the tenth and final fish to the net. A great day on the waters of New Melones with two great guys. Thanks again you two and thank you  for choosing Gold Country Sportfishing….IMG_3678.JPG

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New Melones kokanee 6-28-2019

Returning client Kenny brought along his brother Joe and their dad Tom for a day of kokanee fishing. The day was cloudy and cooler and the bite was almost the same as the previous day as we had had little flurries of bites. One rod was doing most of the work but loosing fish and Joe seemed to be having the worst luck and inspecting the lure I noticed it has the stock hooks on it so I quickly replaced them and then the landing ratio became better. They lost 8 kokanee  an ended the day with 12 kokanee salmon from the waters of New Melones, Another great day with some great people. Thanks again everyone.


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