Sacramento River King Salmon 9-30-2017

Returning Client Dan Vasquez booked a trip with me on September the 30th his son was supposed to join him but he couldn’t make it, so Dan was alone for the day. On the first pass one of the rods went down and Dan went into action as I cleared the other rods and soon we had a very nice bright king in the boat, so we picked up and headed back up river, after resetting the rods half way down stream BAM two rods go down Dan grabs one and I grab the other while netting Dans, then he helped me out by me getting a fish and so we called it a day or should I say morning. A great morning on the river with a great guy. Thanks again!!!



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Sacramento River King Salmon 9-26-2017


Returning clients Mike and Kevin were onboard with me September the 26th on the Sacramento river. We met early and headed down river. After setting the rods and some instructions we were on our way for the day. Almost nearing the end of our first run the rear starboard side was slammed violently and as I was standing by it I grabbed the rod out of the holder the fish was already on the surface with a huge splash as I handed the rod off to Kevin while Mike and I cleared the remaining  rods I picked up the front star board side rod I could tell that their was a fish on that rod as well, so I handed that rod off to Mike, a DOUBLE HOOK UP, WOW a great way to start the day, however the fish crossed lines and broke both leaders and we lost the plugs as well, UGH!!!! I felt sick after this. We picked up and headed back up river. Later on we had another fish on and Kevin grabbed the rod and was into a great fish, this time we landed this one. Resetting the rods and pass with nothing, we headed back to the top of the run where we were soon hit with another fish and again hearing the words its GONE was what Mike said. Mike would lose three fish on this day, two within 50 yards of each other and finally a third takedown and this time I told mike to reel like crazy not letting the fish have any loose line and we landed the fish,  They each landed a nice king salmon. We had six fish on and hooked up on this day. Limits should have been had. Still a great day on the Sacramento river with two great guys.




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Sacramento River King Salmon 9-23-2017

Return clients Chris and Stan brought their friend Jose to chase some king salmon on the Sacramento river on Saturday the 23rd of September. We launched the boat and headed down river. After setting four rods and explaining on what needs to happen when we get a fish on. During our first pass and noticing a few fish showing up on the sonar but not biting and talking to a couple of my guide friends they were seeing the same results. After our first pass of nothing we headed back to the top of the run and half way through we a fish grab the lure very hard, however he let go of it and fifty yards later BAM! fish ON! Stan grabbed the rod as the rest of us cleared all the other rods out-of-the-way, the fish wasnt putting up much of a fight as it came to the boat but once it seen the boat the fish went ballistic! many times just as i thought i would be able to net the fish the was gone again, pulling line off the reel a very fast pace, going under the boat, finally i was able to get the king into my new Beckman net, after few high fives we headed up river again and reset the rods after about 100 yards i seen two fish on the screen BAM FISH ON!! Jose was up as he grabbed the rod, the same thing always plays out as the other rods have to be cleared, he fought just perfect and i soon put the fish into the net. Again we headed back up river to try to stay of the fish. The pressure was now on as Chris needed a fish after a about 100 yards the port side rod was pulsing hard, Chris grabbed the rod as the others were cleared and this fish as it came within sight we could clearly see this fish was much larger, after putting up a great fight i was able to put this big fish on the boat. This would be last fish of the day for, we did keep trying for awhile but that was it. Thanks again for the great day guys!!!

IMG_1482 (1)


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New Melones Rainbows 9-21-2017

Return client Joe brought along his friend Norman for a day’s fishing at New Melones on September the 21st. Joe likes a later start to the day and we met at the dock at 10:00 and headed out. The day was cloudy and cool as it had rained the night before. After setting four lines we started our day of fishing, it did take a while to get out first hoo-up and it was landed. I wasnt expecting a great bite as sometimes the better bite is in the early morning hours, however this day would prove different. We never had a great bite, however it was some what steady and the day stayed cool for us all day that was very welcome. We had a couple missed opportunities, the biggest fish of the day was a five pounder caught by Joe. The day turned out great for these great guys as the landed seven nice rainbows from the waters of New Melones. The photo shows the best four of seven fish. Thanks again guys!!!!

IMG_1476 (2)

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New Melones Rainbows 9-7-2016

New Client Jodie brought along his grandson Andrew for a day’s fishing at New Melones on September the 7th. We met at the ramp and was greeted with some unwelcome wind, it wasn’t unfishable but it could have been better. We were soon under way and soon had lines in the water. A very short time went by and we had our first fish of the day on and was soon in the cooler. We had a good bite going for us landing some and loosing some as well, there was a full moon in the sky and I knew the bite would die off, so I was hoping they would land as many as possible before it did. We had four fish in the cooler when the bite died, it was like someone turned the light switch off, but we stuck with it and by the end of the day they had seven nice rainbows  from the waters of New Melones. Thanks again guys!!


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Large rainbows continue at New Melones 8-31-2017

New clients Mark and Wayne were onboard with me on 8-31-2017 at New Melones. Two days prior was good fishing, so i had high hopes, after fishing nearly an hour and a half we finally had our first fish on, however the fish came off half way to the boat. The morning was tough and very slow as we were marking fish but they wanted nothing to do with us, so I was not leaving the area, i knew it would be only a matter of time before the bite turned on, and i was right for about thirty minutes they were able to land four very nice fish and lost one and that was it for the bite as it came to a halt again, but my saying is never give up and they were totally fine with what they had, they just wanted a day off from work. Then the bite started to come back as we had a starboard side rod go down so hard and it never came back up and just started burning line off the reel, I grabbed the rod and handed it to Wayne, as i slowed the boat down Wayne was fighting the fish with little gain as this was a very big fish as I cleared the way for him to fight the fish,unfortunately the big fish came off after a short fight, UGH!!!! oh well that’s fishing, we gathered our thoughts and continued on and after going through an area we had a double hook-up and they landed them both, another fifty yards we boated a yet another fish and that was number seven on the day and we called it a great day on the waters of New Melones, with two great guys. Thanks again guys!! The size of these rainbows are just amazing!!!!





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Bite turns back on at Melones 8-29-2017

returning clients John and Don brought along a new guy Mike for a day’s fishing trip to New Melones. John had seen the past photos of the big rainbows that we have been catching, man I was hoping for the best. After setting the rods it was long and were already into our first fish of the day,boy what a relief. The bite was not fast by no means but we would get a fish every half hour or so, after boating a few very nice trout the bite seemed to slow down some, so i fished away from the area and loosing some also is never what you want, but it happens. I was happy with how we were doing and we had six fish in the cooler and when we came back into the area boom we landed two more fish and lost another , we ended the day with eight quality rainbows and lost four others from the waters of New Melones. A couple fish well over four pounds sure puts a smile on the boat. A great day, thanks again guys!





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Fishing Don Pedro 8-25-2017

New clients on this tripe were Jerry, Donn, James and Harry for a days trip on Don Pedro. It had been about a week and a half since i had been on the lake and the fishing had been excellent, with the tough day before at Melones I was hoping for the best. I set out four rods and they decided who would be going first, I was marking big balls of shad on the sonar unit along with a fish here and there, however they were not biting, i was beginning to think they wouldn’t bite when the starboard side rod got hit and Jerry was up first, finally we had the skunk off the boat and soon it was Dons turn as he boated a very nice fish and in the same area one of the back rods was hit, Harry grabbed that rod and now we have three nice fish in the cooler and it was James turn, however the bite seemed to be slowing down, so i decided to pick up and move after setting the first rod and i had the second in my hand the first rod went off as james grabbed the rod the fish came off half way to the boat, so after getting all the rods back in, it was fish on again and again half way to the boat the fish was gone, UGH!  a short distance later the port side rod had a fish on and james was bound and determined to land a fish and he did, however it turned out to be a bass that quickly went in the cooler, after working the area, we had yet another fish on, as Jerry was fighting the fish it became tangled around the back down rigger cable, i was able to get the fish in the net as i thought for sure we would lose the fish. The day would prove to be tough as the next several fish were lost half way to the boat. We ended the day with only four trout and a bass along with four other trout lost. Even though the fishing was tough we still had a great time to-day. No pictures were taken. Thanks again guys

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New Melones rainbows 8-24-2017

Returning clients Mike and Chris were onboard on August the 24th at New Melones to chase some big rainbow trout that we have been catching. The morning started off very slow as it took a long time to get a strike and when we did we had a double hook-up, as both guys were reeling on a fish only one of the fish made it to the boat, after landing that fish I went out and turned around and came back through the same area and Boom! we had another hook-up and Chris was able to get his fish to the boat this time. so after boating that fish I again turned around for another strike, but unfortunately this fish came off, as I thought we were onto something, however I was wrong, there was no more fish in this area. This day would prove to be a very tough day. We did have a monster fish at one point as the rod came off the down rigger clip the rod just kept going down as it pulsed very hard a few times before mike could start reeling on this big fish and after about a minute into the fight, Mike uttered the word, its gone! They ended the day with one more fish for a total of three fish on the day and three lost fish. No pictures were taken. I am not surer if the slow fishing was due to the solar eclipse or not.  Thanks again guys

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Massive rainbows continue to bite @ New Melones 8-19-2017

Returning client Mike Davis brought along his buddies for a day’s fishing trip to New Melones on Saturday August the 19th. We had originally planned on fishing Don Pedro but after two great days at New Melones I called Mike and told him that we needed to fish Melones and he said why as I told him how i had done, he said sure thing. So i had better be right and catch what I said we had been catching, so the pressure was on! These guys make their own rules and they each have a half hour to catch a fish, after the 30 minutes is up, then its someone elses turn and if you lose a fish then you loose a turn, if the rod goes down and you grab it you loose a turn. I have a deck of cards on the boat and they cut the cards to see who would go first. Mike was up first and landed a nice fish to start the day, then it was Marks turn, he lost his fish, so he lost a turn, then it was Todd’s turn, he landed his fish. The day goes on with them landing some very nice fish, maybe not as big as the previous day, but we had fish over four pounds. Mark seemed to have tough time landing his fish, so I gave him a few more tips and he started putting fish in the boat. Mikes turn came up again and the starboard side rod got hit hard and this fish stayed down deep not wanting to show, but finally did and as I netted the fish it was a nice German Brown!!, he was bleeding so we had to keep him. The day was coming to a close with nine fish onboard, and as i was putting the rods away Todd asked if he could help reel other rods in, and I told let me put rods away one at a time and just maybe we would get lucky and catch one more fish, with the last rod still in the water, guess what? The rod was hit and we boated the tenth fish of the day. They lost five fish on the day. A great day on the waters of New Melones with three great guys!!!!!!! Thanks again everyone.






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