Don Pedro fishing trip 12-17-2017

New clients Tim, Loretta and Amber were onboard with me Sunday December 17th to hopefully catch some rainbows. We met about 7:30 and headed out after Saturdays tough trip I knew I had my work cut out, we lost the first fish of the day close to the ramp and after working the area and finding nothing, we picked up and mover on to a favorite spot that had been holding fish I worked the area hard and finally had some action and ended the day with three nice rainbows and two bass. A great day with some great people. Thanks again !!!


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Don Pedro fishing trip 12-16-2017

returning clients Harry And Robert were wanting get one last trip in before the year’s end. I told them lets meet at Don Pedro at about 7:00 A.M. on Saturday the 16th of December. The weather called for very windy conditions in the valley and I thought we would be okay. I was within a mile of the lake and I could see a fog bank, so we waited till it seemed to be clearing after launching the boat the fog came back in and by 9:00 o’clock the sun came out and we headed out but after getting about a mile out the slight breeze started blowing the fog back to us, but was short-lived. We fished many areas on the day for only two nice rainbows and one lost made for a tough day.

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Don Pedro Rainbows 12-7-2017

Returning clients Butch and Garrett came for a day’s fishing before Garrett went off to basic training. We headed back to our same spot and instantly was greeted with a screaming drag from a very large rainbow, we kept that one and the rest of the time they released the fish, its great watching big trout swim away. This day was great watching a grandfather and grandson enjoy some fish and time together. They landed some very large rainbows from Don Pedro only to release them back into the lake. Thanks again guys for the great day!!

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Don Pedro Rainbows 12-6-2017

Return clients Mike and Dan came out and enjoyed the day fishing at Don Pedro with on December the 6th. After doing good a few days prior, I headed back to the same area and within minutes we were on our way for another great day of catching quality rainbows, after boating several nice trout it slowed somewhat so I decided to try another spot and we found fish also and finished the day with 8 very nice rainbows up to five pounds and even a fat crappie. Another great day with two great guys. Thanks again !!



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Don Pedro Rainbows 12-1-2017

Returning clients John and Mike were onboard with me on December the 1st at Don Pedro. Now I had not been to Don Pedro since late August as I was fishing the sac river for king salmon, so after the slow day at Melones I suggested let’s try Pedro since it couldn’t get much slower. We met and headed out I put out two rods fitted with lead- core and after our first spot was a blank I headed to our second and with in five minutes we were hooked up with our first rainbow of the day and for the next three hours john and mike had a great time landing many rainbows to four pounds releasing most of them and only keeping mikes five as john like release them, and that is great with me. Its great watching large fish swim back down to deeper depths. A great day with two great guys!! Thanks again.IMG_1823



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New Melons Rainbows 11-29-2017

I had two new clients onboard with me on November the 29th to see how I fished the lake for information so they could fish it at a later day on their own. The day was a bright cool sunny morning. I tried the lead core rods first thing for a while with no luck, after locating some fish on the sonar I set four rods on the downriggers and trolled the area heavy at different depth again with no luck, then I decided to slow things down and I set out the rods all rigged with shad at various depths and finally we ended the day with two quality rainbows that weighed four pounds and  three and a half pounds. A nice day with two great guys. Thanks again guys




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Sacramento River King Salmon 11-3-2017

New Clients David, John and  Jason were onboard with me on October the 3rd to hunt down king salmon on the Sacramento River. After setting the four rods and some instructions on what happens when a fish is hooked up half way into our first pass the front port side rod is hammered hard and John was to be up first as this was on his bucket list to catch a salmon on the Sacramento river after a great fight I was able to net the 16 pound king. This day was tough as we had a couple other quick grabs and that was it. A slow day with three great guys!!!!


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Sacramento River King Salmon 11-2-2017

Returning client Robert brought along his long time friend Mike for a day’s fishing for river salmon. It took until well over half way into our first pass of the day to get our first bite and it wasn’t on long enough to be hooked up solid, after resetting the rod and going another 50 yards we had yet another fish on and this time Robert landed the first fish of the day, so after a quick photo we headed back up river and started over again and this pass half way down BAM fish ON!! It was Mikes turn to land a fish and that’s exactly  what he did, so we snapped a few photos we headed up river again and this time it was Roberts turn again and not even half way down the back rod goes down, Robert grabbed the rod and as I netted the fish they hollered fish on again while one of the last rods was still out, so Mike grabbed the rod and fought yet another fish and unfortunately was lost just at the boat. We continued down river. At the end of that pass we headed back up river once more and I changed locations on the river this time down into a place I know fish will hang once in a while, and as I marked a couple of fish on the sonar it was no sooner when the starboard side went down hard and  Mike grabbed the rod and brought the fish within inches of the net as it started shaking its head back and forth and usually this doesn’t end well and this time again it didn’t as the fish came unbuttoned, this is when the angler has to keep a lot of tension on the fish to keep it from doing this. Still a great day on the Sacramento river with two great guys. Thanks again guys!!!








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Sacramento River King Salmon 10-28-2017

New Client Steve and his son-in-law Jason were onboard with me on Saturday October the 28th to hopefully catch king salmon. We met up early and headed down stream, after some instructions on what goes on when a fish is hooked up, I started setting out the rods, I set the two back rods and had the third in my had when they hollered FISH ON! the first rod was violently  bouncing hard as Steve grabbed the rod while Jason cleared the other and very quickly we had our first fish of the day in the boat, after rebaiting and heading back up river, we maybe went a 100 yards and BAM!! fish on again on the same rod, Jason grabbed the rod and we had yet another fish in the boat, instead of heading back up river we kept going and with another 100 yards the same rod goes down  again and since Jason was standing there he soon had his limit of king salmon, so now we needed just one more fish for Steve, however that chance never came. Still a great day with two great guys. Thanks again!!!!





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Sacramento River King Salmon 10-26-2017

Returning client Mike brought along his friend Frank for a day’s fishing trip to try for some king salmon on October the 26th. Since this was Franks first time fishing like this I explained to him on what happens when we get a fish on. Frank did not want to go first, so he let Mike go ahead on the first fish so he could see how things were done. It was Franks turn when the rod doubled over and he was fighting the fish and just as I had the net with in just inches to net the fish it came off!!!!! UGH! That was it for the day unfortunately. Thanks again guys


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