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To book a trip, click on the Contact Me button, fill out and submit the form

We can fish six people in our new boat if you have a larger group we can work with other guides to full fill your needs. If you have two or three people in your party we only fish your party no one else, we do not have to fill the boat.

Rates are as Follows For Reservoirs

Two person minimum.

Two Anglers  $400.00 ($200.00 per person)

Three Anglers $525.00 ($175.00 per person)

    Four Anglers $640.00 ( $160.00 per person)

 call for groups of five or six people.

 King Salmon trips on the Sacramento River

$240.00 per person with a two person minimum.

                                                   Three Anglers $225.00 per person

Email Monte at

or call Captain Monte at (209) 581-4734

* * *   I M P O R T A N T  * * *

A deposit is required at the time you book your trip. Monte will return your call or email within 12 hours or less to confirm the details of your trip reservation.

When you click on the submit PayPal Deposit button it will say Donate to Gold Country Sportfishing, this is NOT a donation it is a deposit.

To use the contact form:

Click on the contact me button above

to fill out your information on the date and species of your choice.

Hogan Stripers

Hogan Stripers


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