Don Pedro fishing trip 5-05-11

Hi Everyone. I had two very nice people on board today fishing with me. We started out pulling my home-made spoons and it wasnt even five minutes and we had a fish on!. thats theGuided fishing trips on Don Pedro way it went for about and hour and a half, as we put some nice fish in the boat and we released some also as not to limit out to early. Then we switched over to target some kokanee, I put out three rods for kokanee and one rigged with shad deeper. It probably took maybe 15 minutes to hook up and we had a triple, one was a small King and the other two were Rainbows, we released everything and continued on and by 11:00 o’clock we were done for the day. They ended up the day with Four kokanee, Four Rainbows and two Kings. A great day on the water, the weather perfect along with some great company! Thanks again Monte Smith Gold Country Sportfishing

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