Don Pedro fishing trip 3-28-2014

I had a great family of four onboard with me today at Don Pedro. They wanted to get some quality family time in while there son Nicholas was away on leave. The morning started out okay with a couple of fish boated ,we were marking fish but not to many bites so I decided to move on as the action was just not as good as I would have liked it to be. Well after some much traveled water and only one bass to show for our efforts, I decided to pick up and move back to our original starting point and with in a couple minutes we had a couple fish and a couple missed opportunities. We were marking fish but they just were not to excited about what we had to offer, so I made a major change in techniques of what we were using and it instantly started paying off with fish in the boat. We worked this area for a long time and by the time we called it a day, they had boated 11 rainbows, three king Salmon and a black bass, oh and a few lost fish also, but that’s all part of fishing. The day turned out to be a really great day we some great people. Thanks again everyone.

Don Pedro fishing photos

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