Don Pedro Houseboat trip 6-2-2022

New clients Jerry, Cary, Steve and Joshua were onboard with me for day of learning techniques. I picked them up off of there houseboat and we headed out. It started out kinda slow as were fishing only two days after the three day holiday weekend. We managed a fish fairly quick then it went quite for 30 minutes, but then things started to turn around and finally we started putting fish in the boat. I looked for a new spot holding kokanee and we found them. The day was filled with lots of laughter and they had many questions on how to catch fish as they had been having trouble. I believe they took great notes and they have some great success in their future trips. They ended the day with 11 kokanee. 16 Rainbows and one King Salmon. Thanks again guys it was a pleasure having you all onboard today…………………

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1 Response to Don Pedro Houseboat trip 6-2-2022

  1. Joshua Ryan Duplichan says:

    What a great day of memories and laughter on the boat. A great guide and very knowledgeable. Definitely hooking up with him again on the Sacramento salmon run this September.

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